The BIC Code of Ethics is issued to all employees of the company. This code of ethics allowed us to build our reputation in the industry in dealing with employees, partners, clients and the community. We continue to strengthen and support these ethical rules and procedures.
Listed below is a summary of our Code of Ethics. A more comprehensive and official version of this is disseminated to all employees and partners of Bandariyah:
  • Maintain truthful and fair behavior in relations with clients, partners, employees, governments and institutions, and the general public.
  • That all the employees obey and observe the laws and regulations of any country or location where Bandariyah operates.
  • Recognize and maintain the Bandariyah HSE policies such as promoting a fair and safe workplace and environment, while rewarding excellence and supporting growth.
  • Emphasize the importance of loyalty, integrity and transparency, as well as prevention of fraud and disclosure of financial records.
  • Focusing on compliance with using resourceful means to meet client requirements while encouraging practices aimed at safety and preventing accidents and financial burden.

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