Since its foundation, Bandariyah's mission has been clear and consistent:
  1. To create a working environment that demands integrity and stimulates entrepreneurial spirit, together with a deep sense of responsibility to the firm and its clients.
  2. To achieve market recognition of the firm's reliability, professionalism and accountability in all the products and services it offers.
  3. To ensure the firm's long-term growth and consistent profitability through careful yet imaginative risk and resource management.
  4. To be global in our outlook, organization and operating structure for maximum competitive advantage.
Our successful track record to date has been the tangible result of the skill, dedication, vision and creativity of our outstanding people, who have been drawn from a global pool of talent. They ensure that we continue our mission to excel in every one of our chosen markets, products and lines of business.
In looking ahead, we are determined to maintain the clarity of our direction. We will continue to focus our creative energy to maximize the realization of our ever expanding potential and maintain our cutting edge competitive advantage.
Mohammed Al Ghamdi

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